Renovating To Sell

The brief from the owners of this Hillary’s property was to update the wet areas of their home to maximise their return with plans to sell. Dean was able to deliver the best of outcomes too, as the home realised far more than expected when it was sold.

In the ensuite we were blessed with lots of space to the owners dream of a double shower was easily realised. The key when renovating bathrooms or any wet area is to try and retain as many of the plumbing positions as possible to minimise the cost says Dean who is also a fully licenced plumber.

Although this is not always possible it’s a great place to start as the savings can be considerable. At renew we are always looking at the best way to do things efficiently and in the most cost-effective way.

When choosing a vanity there is a lot to consider. Together we can show you all the options, both off the peg or custom made. What will suit your needs best? Ginnie will identify your needs, taste and budget and come back with a shortlist of options for you to choose from. At renew we have long term relationships with many plumbing suppliers so can source whatever your heart desires.

We only use the best tradespeople too, it’s all about quality and attention to detail. We take care of this, so you don’t have to worry. It’s always a good idea to keep your finishes and selections similar throughout. This gives a pleasing flow to your renovation and is easy on the eye. A large mirror is a must especially when tiling full height, after all the luxe finish you have selected should be reflected and enjoyed.

To complete your renovation, we can even help with soft furnishings, shutters, blinds and linen! Coordinate your bedroom in similar colours, a mix of textures and subtle shades that look beautiful with your new bathroom or en-suite will give you the WOW factor!

Dimmable lighting or separate switching enables you to dim the lights and relax by candlelight when the fancy takes you.
You deserve it!