Curtin Avenue, Cottesloe

This was a full renovation on Curtin Ave, Cottesloe was commissioned and completed in just 8 weeks- turning an early 90s home into a vibrant living space filled with light and bespoke design to well and truly to meet the new owners requirements and future needs. 

The dynamic fun loving, active octogenarian who still plays golf regularly, dotes on several grandchildren, sews avidly, enjoys her garden and still has time to cook and entertain her friends and family. Her favourite colour is red and there were several pieces of furniture that needed to be given a new home.

The light in the dining room was hand made by her nephew, the master brass bed was restored to its former glory. The old dark furniture was re-painted and the much loved couches given pride of place in front of the new fireplace. A colourful collection of art needed wall space, so new walls were added. The home was future proofed with no steps, large doorways, walk in shower and large powder room.

Master Bedroom

Powder Room



Master Robe