Anyone For Spaghetti

Winner of the HIA Kitchen of the Year over $50,000 in 2017 and Overall Kitchen of the Year 2017.

The family get together regularly to make their favourite speciality - Spaghetti!
These huge benchtops are put to good use with easy access all the way around the large Island bench, everyone can lend a hand for this gourmet feast. Waterfall ends on the marble seamed stone benches continue the seamless look to the floor, just beautiful. Who said that it’s only the Italians that have great style!

Great lighting design makes all the difference to a great kitchen. This award -winning design doesn’t miss a trick. LED task lighting strategically placed beneath the wall cabinetry, to illuminate the benches and highlight splashbacks makes food preparation a breeze, no nasty shadows here!
The LED down lights have been perfectly placed within a custom bulkhead, no worries if the ceiling is a concrete slab we can create the space that is needed. LED lighting placed on the underside of the breakfast bar highlights the marble striation beautifully adding to the luxury feel.

Sleek appliances were chosen with a state of the art stainless fridge/freezer and 2 extra- large gourmet ovens. We make choosing the right appliances easy. Ginnie will work with you to identify your needs and then source the best options. You won’t have to trudge around various showrooms trying to find the best deal. We have long term relationships with all the experts in the business.

This clever bulkhead can even hide all the TV cables, stream your favourite cooking show live!

Now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labours. Everyone around the table in this gorgeous new space, for a family dinner!